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8 February
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The Irish Chinaman
By: A Most Bored Med Student, whilst Procrastinating in a Thyroid Lecture.

There once was an Irish Chinaman,
A forgetful bloke was he;
He spent his days in a Turkish pub
and was roaring drunk by tea.

He drank and drank his wine from a tank,
til all his coin was gone;
then this China man from an Irish land
said 'In Russia I was born!'

The KGB said 'A liar is he!'
and threw the drunk in jail,
soon he had a date with his Greek cell mate
who thought he wasn't male.

One year had gone and the Chinaman mourned,
for his Greek was on parole,
so he broke out of jail with an old milk pail
and to the tropics did he pole.

Ifffff youuuuuuu go to a bar in Denpasar,
you'll see a man there drinking ale,
and he'll turn around, set his wine glass down,
saying 'Son, I'll tell you a tale,'

'There once was an Irish Chinaman,
A forgetful bloke was he...'

(and so on and so forth)

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