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Dec 12 15 - Thoughts

Todays random learning point. This :

Is a phrygian cap. The folded fundus of a gall bladder can look like it. Especially if you're sleep deprived and cramming for a surgical exam. Who says surgery and fashion dont mix.

May 15 15 - Hold me back
staple gunnnn
So today I reaslied I am the RACS IT guy's worst nightmare. In trying to do my elearning modules for my upcoming course, I realised I'd had a ghost account that I couldn't even log into, and neither account got me into the modules. Cue reluctant call to IT guy, who was all, 'these accounts have been used... NEVER wtf' and after a bit more investigating called me back and told me 2012!dinusha had gone on a wild account making spree and my invoices were scattered across the internet, polluting his country. Dude was courteous as, though, and politely asked me to restrain my impulse to pee on everything i came by and click 'existing user' instead.

In other news, I also learned that building an extension requires forms, unless you have requirements for form 5a in which case the delay is 10days, not 25 days and you dont have to find your own (form 16b) from the accredited list on form 360b(i).
Apr 05 15 - New loves

So this is the year i started playing ukulele. And had a year off. But i can say that in the months of march and most likely april, my life revolved around the ukulele.
This morning i learned 'ma belle evangeline' and then felt depressed that i will never be able to sing as beautifully as

"Ma Belle Evangeline" from The Princess and the Frog (Ukulele Cover): https://youtu.be/aUqS0yPzAA0

Yesterday i was lamenting over the fact that rebecca sugar hadnt written even more heartbreaking songs for adventure time that i could play on my uke.

Buy never mind, i will sit here and continue to serenade the neighbours with my pitch wobbly warbling and maybe, just maybe, i might get a note in tune.


Feb 09 15 - Random acts
worst blind date
So today a kid gave me a high five as I passed him on my daily run. That was unepectedy cool. I hope he was going for a high five and not just yawning, cos otherwise I've just slapped a minor.

Jan 26 15 - The 8th day

Start of a magical 3 day weekend!!! So many possibilities, none of which ill likely get around to... That said, theres always time for gardening.

Ive got a whooole new appreciation gor things that are just vertical.

Aug 06 14 - The Dreaded Lurgy
physical for food
Talk about a week from hell. So last I left I was sick. And then I got a LOT sicker. Which sucked because I was looking down the barrel of 72 hours on call.


Lets just say it didn't go very well.

The one redeeming feature in that crazy, delirious, feverish, myalgic, sleep deprived mess was that Adon was there for comforting hugs and monitoring of my fluid balance and food vs analgesia intakes.

And then there was a blurred drive back to perth Monday morning.

And then Seriously Badass Cold released a follow up album and the conjunctivitis kicked in, so I started my first day on Plastics RPH looking like the devil child and a seriously unwell one at that. Did I mention I was on call? I think the Plastic senior I was with must have taken pity on me, cos at 9pm when I still hadn't left, he turned up and saw 3 more with me. And around 11 when I stumbled home, Icompletely crashed. Which is why I woke up to the 7am vibrations of adon's fitbit completely panicking cos I was meant to be at the hospital by 7 and also my phone was dead. *facepalm*. Managed to make it half a day before I finally called in sick, and now one of the seniors has kindly told me that the last 3 weeks of Friday trauma meetings has backed up, (which I need to present) and oh year, I should better get cracking on it.


I'm going to make it through this week if it kills me.

(also Adon is now down with what I had sigh)
Jul 31 14(no subject)
It's 1am and I'm sitting here in the midst of fevers, chills, rigors and myalgia, with my voice raspy and my throat feeling like sharp claws are scraping and tightening with each swallow. Damn you ED and intern, damn you children of Kalgoorlie that undoubtedly passed on the viral lurgy to the staff at KRH. Was meant to do a surgical talk for the juniors, but will have to beg off given I won't be able to produce sound by 3pm tomorrow. My time at Kal is soon drawing to a close... Last weekend of on call looms ahead (yet another reason to rest up tomorrow) and then I will be home!! with my darlings... And adon (ha!)... Except realistically given the plastics timetable I may or may not see sunlight until my wedding.
May 30 13 - NAGH
of the dumb
Dear Internet.

Please excuse the following rant:
Damn you clinical services, damn you and your ability to take all my carefully made plans and throw them out every single damn window you see. ARGH. So I had a great resident year planned out, - Gen surg, leave relief, vascular, plastics, neurosurg. HELLO DREAM ROTATIONS ANY SURGICAL MINDED RESIDENT WOULD KILL FOR. HELLO SPECIALTIES I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT (mainly the last two). Also, its kind of useful to do resident terms in them because usually they consist of ABSOLUTE CHAOS with only faint pretences at a weekly structure. So, given surgery is my go to plan, it would be nice to not have a completely alien environment thrown on me when I'm already trying not to panic at the thought of being a registrar. BUT. 1) they give me a whole term of goddamn ED which I hate with a passion, and then when big scary boss o' surgical doom goes 'o hai i remember u, maybe i will throw ALL OF YOUR PLANZ TO HELL and make you reg THIS YEAR y/y',  you fight the urge to run screaming and instead nod awkwardly and wish it would all go away nao. BUT IT HASN'T. Because, in the last week, clinical services have refused 3 sets of prof development leave I applied for as a resident (BOO), ignored my request for cover because I'm working a night shift in ED and then meant to do a day in vascular AT THE SAME TIME, and sent me an ED roster AS WELL AS a vascular roster because apparantly I am meant to be doing everything all of the goddamn time. What the hell, clinical services, what the hell. My only explanation is that big scary boss has gone down there and confused everyone. In which case, what has become of my carefully planned leave? Does this mean my development leave is now back on? Because so help me if my two weeks of Alice Springs goodness is compromised I'm going down there and giving them the old F U FACULTY speech and asking them to keep me as a resident. Argh I am so sleep deprived and confused right now ://
ALSO I got an interview for SET training, which is alarming given I applied for hoots this year and also means I have to get my arse into gear and study because its a 7 part scenario based shindig this year. SIGH. At least adon and my cat are still awesome.

Yours in disgruntledness, post night shift,

May 25 13(no subject)
worst blind date
I've just read a very strange fanfic involving Matilda, Tony Stark and Charles Xavier by copperbadge.


Alright I think my brain is about done processing it. ED is fast drawing to a close, which means I'll be starting my frantic attempt to learn the anatomy of everything before my Vascular rotation starts. My level of procrastination has similarly developed and the book my medical student got me (this was a surprise in itself. I'm all for book recommendations, but I find buying a book for someone just a little bit intimate and best left for those you know well) has turned out to be quite a gem (The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss for those of you playing at home) and I was exceedingly relieved to find out there is a book 2. Fingers crossed this series doesn't end up in Carmody's Legendsong limbo. Adonis spent part of today teaching me how to put together a computer which was quite fun and informative. Now I will go sleep and restrain myself from spamming you all with pictures of Stella and her penchant for crawling under rugs/doonas and hiding in an adorable cat shaped lump.

heh couldnt resist
you can has
So as I find my attention span getting smaller, my energy levels waning, the likelihood of my getting out of bed on a day off falling as fast as the temperature these days, I've come close to watching everything on the HDD so I've had to turn to the internet... Now having movies on youtube is a great thing, but a majority of the time theres a reason why its free on youtube and you inevitably wish for a way to get those hours of your life back...

Fortunately there are webisodes/webseries! And some truly fantastic ones out there... problem is that as soon as I got into them, they ran out :( So you you have any to recommend, send me a link! and I will gladly consume... In the interim, have my recs:

1) The old granddaddy of them all (for me at least)
Dr Horrible's Singalong blog - if you haven't seen this


no, seriously, go watch it then come back. Alternatively watch it below in HD

Aaaah amazing right?! Endearing villain, annoying fillion and catchy songs. As if Whedon could go wrong.

2) The Guild. So nerdy! and funny! and reminds me of a few too many people I know.
http://www.watchtheguild.com/ 6 seasons no movie :(

3) Youtube's Freddy Wong also jumps on the webseries bandwagon with Video Game High School - a gamer dream where Joe Any-Average-Gamer-Ever kills the law, gets accepted +/- gets the girl. FreddyW cameos as his brother's father and is the reason why the Adonis and I are going to name any male kid we have Theodore.

4) I'm sticking the VlogBrothers in here because together, Hank and John Green make weekly vlogs to each other about anything/everything and they're more educational/entertaining than your standard how was your day conversation.

And the crash course series is a definite rec - pretty graphics, entertaining, 10minute summaries of everything. TheWorld history one is awesome https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBDA2E52FB1EF80C9
They've also got ones for literature, US history, biology, ecology and chemistry that I haven't seen.

5) And I a little embarrassed to put this in here, but I will be honest and admit I watched the ENTIRETY of the lizzie bennett diaries in ONE SITTING  and squeed just a little bit and yes it is EXACTLY what it sounds like... >.>

6) Wheezy Waiter - moar funny things on the internet. Adon played episodes of  this to me until I ended up thinking it was tolerable. WHY IS HE SO ENTERTAINING. i dont know, i just don't know.

Others that I have seen but cannot really recommend because either cos i haven't seen enough or a little bit disturbing:
-- The Maria Bamford Show

-- My Gimpy Life only 6 eps
-- Break ups - webseries on vimeo showing different people breaking up (improv) - more at his site.
-- The Divine - only seen part of the first ep. Bit more serious supernatural-esque
May 14 13 - inevitable rants
physical for food
So been catching up on Nat and Jeds trip and the manta rays look AMAZING. I remember feeling a little freaked out when we were all houseboating and the giant shadows would glide under the boat and under everyone who was swimming o_O but, I think I'll have to add the kona dive to my bucket list despite my fear of big swoopy things, cold water, the dark, and open water (I swear sometimes I am a rational person). In the meantime I will while away the next few ED free hours of today in domestic, adventure deprived bliss, by finishing my flower beds and painting the trim on our windows. And giving stella a suprise!bath... And maybe some left for dead 2 which I've been horribly addicted to...  Nothing so satisfying after a frustrating run of days at work, as killing things mindlessly online - and after the multiple idiots yesterday who kept asking me to 'get the doctors opinion' and following it up with requests for a day off for a bruised finger (deep breath, no blinking, put down the needle and point at the red capitalised DOCTOR emblazoned over the right side of my chest) I even got a ' you dont understand the cultural importance of a finger in China'. Look dude, I get the importance of a finger, but telling me a bruised finger is a culturally significant serious injury that warrants days off, is just making me want to SLAP YOU IN THE FACE. hrg. I don't know if this term is getting to me and i'm now putting up no-bullshit vibes that patients a picking up on, but a majority of people I see seem to be starting out on the defensive o_O. Fortunately my medical student is eager and nice and as yet unjaded, so together we are less terrifying. 
Feb 10 13 - Annnnnd we're back
dr horrible
So sometimes you start a rotation and at the end of the first week - no five minutes you're either taking a deep breath to steel yourself or you''re slightly giddy with excitement at all the novelty, but for the first time I started back on familiar Gen surg turf and felt an overwhelming sense of relief. My last medical term was easy on the brain, great on the hours (except for nights, but hell, I only had 3 of them in 10 weeks so who's complaining), but somehow I'd end the day completely drained, deprived of any motivation to do anything other than eat instant food and sleep. Really happy and relaxed these day, largely as I'm not under any team under Mr. R and barely notice the 7-1830/1900 days. And whats more, I get oodles of theatre time :D. Annnnd. also somehow i'm applying this year... which scares me no end... But I'll give it a shot and get the interview practice for next yr. 

eeeep applications....

In other news Stella has (unwillingly) had her first trip out of the house, in her cat box :D One parent is continually cooing over her, the other one ignored her for 2 hours before curiosity started getting the better of him (despite his best efforts), and I caught him 1) peeking at her when she went to the loo, and 2) asking her if she had eaten her dinner.  They are in for a rude surprise at ~530am when this inevitably happens:

Have booked a holiday to Bali (apparantly if you live in Perth, this is your Mecca) and a open water PADI course there so I can avoid all the drunk backpackers. Paying a stupid amount of money on excessively lavish hotel that I only slightly feel guilty about :D :D yay so excited for last minute getaway. Also for seeing the noodles again the weekend just before we go!! :D
Jan 03 13 - Note to self
When playing FTL do *NOT* name the little mens after the crew of Serenity as you will feel emotionally distraught every time they are inevitably blown up :(((

I have belatedly hit the nail craze (i blame surgery) 
ay shiny!
Dec 17 12 - Waterfoul
I went swimming today - first time in a pool since... high school - since then I've only cautiously waded into creeks/rivers/oceans/lakes, so this time it was a relatively pleasant experience where I didn't have to worry about sharp rocks, spiders, jelly fish or sharks... Only overzealous triathletes and incontinent old women, I guess... Anyway was a good slice of humble pie as it turns out a bit of competitive swimming during my teens does not weather well. My arms started giving way 2 laps in, my legs the following 2 and my jaw was aching from breathing excessively hehe. On the plus side, I now feel ridiculously healthy and feel absolutely justified in having the deeeeelicious beef burger and chips from V Burger bar, and the half litre of ice tea that came with it. huzzar!! Apparantly this is going to be a regular thing - quite useful having evening shifts as I can avoid all the scary training campers and instead splash about at my own pace. 

auuugh  muscles I never use, auuuuugh
Dec 14 12 - chance find
So we watched this yesterday, and it is great.

So Sheeboodle came over last night to borrow stuff and was so excited that I also became excited and nostalgic, with an overwhelming desire to picspam the lot of you :) Coming back to the middle of a Trauma term sucked the life straight out of me, so now things are a little blurry, a little mashed together and I'm sure Nat will jump in and be all uh...-that-happened-maybe...-never? then waggle her finger at the screen Carla style

Anyway THIS<----- is the reason I went :D I'm starting to knock the gian
t things off my bucket list before I get arthritis and start hating every moment of it. Nat and Jed said they had wanted to also, and bam next thing you know it, I;m down at Clinical 
services begging for 4 weeks off, we're spending stupid amounts on plane tickets, visiting surplus stores, frantically googling diseases in Peru, people are drawing maps to random places in Peru we can visit :D 

It took us basically 2 days to get there 
via Sydney then Santiago, and I all I can remember of it are bits of at least 5 movies I watched on the way and then a donut break somewhere and then even MORE flying and this guy standing out the front with a sign, the inverted commas were a little worrying. Then even more driving down the streets of peru, where dental surgeries seem to be in abundance, and the only things open at late o clock. 
Nov 29 12(no subject)
dr horrible
Ive become a cat person. This has become blatantly obvious to all the people who've had to make polite noises whilst looking at the cat photos on my phone. Stella is 2, fresh from rspca and stupidly friendly with EVERYONE. Which is a great change from my childhood cat who would ignore us for days and, like a sullen teenager, only rock up for meals and when we had to look after her illegitimate kittens. But Stella!! Stella is cuddly awesome and has won over I'm-a-dog-person!adon despite his allergies. Here, now sit through the one and only cat picspam i will put on here ( i promise)
Jul 18 12 - Just came home to
find the bedroom prewarmed, with the doona drawn back so the sheets get warm how I like it, with dinner hot and delicious sitting on my bedside table, and got handed a hot ginger tea and given cuddles...

*explodes into a billions bits of fluff*

7 more ED shifts til Peru....
Jul 17 12 - As fast as you can
you can has
Annnnnd last saturday I escaped from the evil clutches of Emergency and did the Kathmandu Urban Challenge - a local take on the Amazing Race. I figured I needed some sort of exercise before Peru and the idea of little checkpoints was very appealing to the hints of OCD in my personality. Had 3 awesome phone a friends texting us the answers the whole time (hee). We were only allowed to use public transport - I hadn't realised how lazy I'd become since getting my staff parking permit o_O I barely take the bus any more and I'd forgotten how nice it was to just take a walk in the sunshine (not that I get to see sunlight any more *glares at ED*). I've taken to lying wrapped up in my doona until late afternoon on my days off, so the 0730 meet up was a shock to the system. Also, no lounging around. Ended up pole dancing, eating weird stuff (well, Adon did this one), kayaking, guessing plant species, eating gross lollies, dressing up in costume and taking stupid photos in the mall, impromptu judo lessons and just visiting a whole random bunch of places. We missed one of the cut off times for a park by 10 minutes, but by this time my legs were dying from the half jog i attempted from kings park to the other end of subiaco. Was hobbling around ED at work the next day glaring at anyone who dared to say their back pain was worse than mine.

I may well collapse in a heap somewhere in peru. I really should have trained more... oops? Also. rabies shots hurt. Eurgh.
Jul 13 12(no subject)
dr horrible
So my attempt to regularly update LJ didn't quite pan out. Instead, have a catch up post!
- gyprocking is not as fun as it sounds. You can't just 'slap it on' and expect it to miraculously defy gravity. Also blueboard (waterproof gyprock) is more of a blue-tinged grey rather than vibrant blue. Again things I should not assume. Adonis and his dad took down the asbestos lining out sleep out (thank you 1950s building practice), and I vacated the house for a week for good measure. Apparantly the asbestos tip is something to be very scared about - imagine a regular tip, then a giant 2 building sized heap of asbestos just plonked to the side with people coming and going without masks. Hmmm. Anyway, now that the boards are gone, its a lot brighter ( and colder) and we're getting a guy to put in a long row of windows from the waist up, and that brings me back to the gyprock for the ceiling *sigh*. Was heaving it up a ladder with my head/arms/back whilst adon ran around frantically trying to drill into jarrah (another nightmare) before I fell down lol. Luckiily R&A came by to help otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd have done my back in. We've still got to do the laundry,  but putting it off for another wkend. 
- my kitchen is pretty!!!! the woks are hanging on the wall, ikea has solved our storage needs  and i got adon a pizza oven for his birthday and we've been going nuts with that :) instant smoky flavoured pizza yummm. 
- had a moment of panic when i realised job applications were due THIS week and not some magical moment in time called 'later'. Fortunately called my refs yesterday and got them to email it in that afternoon, yay! and finished the boring part of the write up. Grr, I wish RPH would do the same as freo - in that, you DONT need to bug references or put in lame applications. sigh. Anyway, grand plan is for more surg terms next year and then apply for the college mid next year. 
- PERUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU This is the biggest thing getting me through ED right now :D in exactly 14 days I will be officially on leaaaaveee and then 2 days after that I'll be jetting to south america!! huzzarrrr... haven't booked accomodation yet, but have done all the important stuff like shots and ordering pulse oximeters online*. 
- Watched Prometheus - having not seen any of the Alien series beforehand. Adon was a fanboy, I watched most of the film through my jumper (i only tend to watch romcoms/animated films at the movies so this was a shock to the system). Liked it even through almost every character was annoying. 
- Watching a few more really good K dramas - Padam Padam - really great acting by the main guy who plays an excon just released after 16yrs of being unjustly imprisoned as a teen adn struggles getting back into RL. Things took a definite WTF turn when the second main character suddenly sprouted wings... Sungkungkwan Scandal - bit of a yentl story - poor girl fakes being a boy in order to earn  money for family by being a scribe. Gets admitted into the school thanks to a bunch of scriptwriters then ends up on a secret mission set by the king. Really really good movie is Daisy - which is up on youtube and stars the main guy in Padam Padam. A and I overdosed on RunningMan, so we're having a break from that... Now watching Kimchi family which puts me in the mood for cooking things and plays strongly to my gangster-getting-confused-when-interacting-with-small-children weakness.

Hm... ok, time for breakfast.. I will leave you with my soundtrack to this morning.

*we did this for kili and it was oodles of fun watching everyones sats dropping the higher we went. /nerdiness Also was v useful when J got altitude sickness, went blue in the face and dropped his sats to the 60s :S
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