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Jun 06 12(no subject)
dr horrible
Heheh fair bit of excitement this morning... We're having the double glazed windows installed this morning, so I let the guy in he did his own thing in the next room and then the next thing I know, I hear a crash and a whole lot of swearing... o_O Rushed over to find the guy kneeling with his head on the ground clutching his hand and it turned out the rotted sill had slammed down onto his fingers. Bandaged him up and drove him to RPH emergency and had this hilarious moment in the car where he was all 'Are you... going to go in?' and I just stared at him and went 'Uhhh... No? Unless... you want me to?' hehe. Anyway, his friend is coming to finish the job and I'll go get him when he's done. 
Aiie RPH, even on my days off I can't stay away from you :)
Jun 04 12(no subject)
Finished ICU! *sigh of relief* Man I feel like my brain was overloaded with Important Things... Can't quite talk the talk but I can certainly mumble a bit of the waffle. Five days off and then onto nights (:S). Painting plans on hold at the moment as floor guy asked if he could start work 3 days early... yay proactive tradies! Hopefully  by the end of the wkend we will have beautiful polished jarrah floors!! Our fake flooring for the sleepout/back also came so we can hopefully lay it out the back  whilst the floors dry... 

*flops around miserably* Just got off 4 night ward covers. I now get why everyone shudders when they say they've got nights. One saviour was having Dasun one ICU nights at the same time - which meant every morning we'd  stumble out, bleary eyed and have delicious delicious brunch somewhere. But now its over!!!! and I have a week off!!!! And the floors are down and feel soft and cooooool and smooth, and the back is all laid out :) (Thanks Nat!)

Right now i'm sitting on the floor in the sunshine with my favourite playlist, heater going full blast and full of delicious foooooods. Loving this public holiday. What are you up to flist?

Finally figured out a tag for my residency :)
May 19 12 - pet hat(e)s
you can has
I don't understand tiny hats. Maybe someone has links to where its used well? but tiny hats on not-as-tiny-children or fully
cute v. creepy? grown adults? do not get. Even top hats - I mean its all well and good if you're going to a ball/you're in a wedding/reenacting scenes from a period drama/you're the Slash, but how often do those things happen? You can't get 
much use out of them. Yes I appreciate the irony of my criticising buying top hats when I own a tricorn - but in my defence I got 2 PROSH, 1 convention, and >5 fancy dresses/drumming performances out of it. Hmmm. At any rate, I find tiny hats on children more creepy than cute, and giant hats on tiny children more cute than creepy, go figure. 
May 18 12(no subject)
I finished diablo once through... I think its time I came back into daylight and saved whats left of my 6 days off :) At least I've explored as much of any map was possible, except for that one damned time where I found a new event, then got disconnected just before I got to a checkpoint, only to find that the map had reset when I got back in. DAMN YOU, SERVERS. Also, hello shower. *hides* I surrendered the desktop to Adonis, so I'll probably fall asleep to the sound of dying demons for the next few nights. Cinematics were beautiful! Still loved the starcraft storyline better... Favourite is still the one where kerrigan gets left behind... although the intro to this was pretty damn awesome - as was the intro to Act IV. Tomorrow, tomorrow, we are going to be working on the house. MY house :D :D fine, 'our' house, whatever. Very excited as I'll be able to pick paint colours and hopefully get started! And we'll be doing something with gyprock apparantly. Expect excessive amounts of befores/afters!
you can has
Started ICU. In a panic... which I don't think has left, or has any intention of leaving. The first day was a pretty steep learning curve. Apparantly everything we learnt about respiratory physiology in med school has left my brain and filled its dusty rooms with what may as well be marshmallows. At any rate, I've now given it a good dusting and no longer have a blank stare when I look at a ventilator. not to say I still know what I'm doing so I'm still pretty much a glorified messenger whenever the alarms go off :) But its a leeeetle bit less scary. And yay procedures! Also spotted scary scary boss from last term, volunteered a meek 'hello' and got my head grabbed and ruffled for it. O_ooo tooke me a good half day to recover from the shock... Had no idea we were that friendly. At least I'm on his good side? Sheesh, hopefully thats the last I see of him til my trauma term.
The shifts themselves are doing my head in... 13 hours is insane! how do people get used to it?  On the plus side, I now have 6 glorious days off. HELLO SUNSHINE. Oh wait, diablo 3 is out... >.< sunshine will have to wait :D
May 14 12 - loving this!
dr horrible
Feb 09 12(no subject)
worst blind date
Had a pretty sweet birthday yesterday - thanks for all the lovely messages :) Yikes 25, where the hell did you creep up from. Am on surgery at the moment. As I tell anyone who will listen, I love love love it. Long stupid hours and all. I'm not sure if its the relief of being out of that bitchtrap that is the ED - where an already stressful environment is compounded by time pressures and people being lazy due to lack of continuity of care. Or maybe its the crazy convoluted cases we have on the ward. Anyway, I got my four weeks of leave granted (huzzarrrrrrr) so not only with I be heading to eat-your-heart-out!Peru, but I'll be taking a sweet 3 week stint out of my ED rotation this year - WIN! My registrar yesterday thought it would be hilarious to message the ENTIRE junior staff of RPH that it was code birthday on our ward *mortified* and then proceeded to tell every patient/doctor/theatre staff we met. On the plus side the intense snr reg I had, whom I suspected didn't particularly like me then proceeded to give me a hug and plan to take me to lunch o_O not quite a fail there. Dad's in SL at the moment and sent an email saying my aunt had organised a lunch at an orphanage, so at least some good karma is around :) In other news, boy is looking for houses now and my mind starts tripping over itself whenever it even thinks of mortgages and loans :S Also I miss my drumming, but that will have to be resumed once I'm back to relatively normal hours.
Jan 25 12(no subject)

end of day 15. so tired, but still look forward to work everyday. so different to Ed. surely this is a sign? to tired to interpret signs from universe,  sleep now introspection tomorrow

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Jan 12 12 - CfP: K-Drama
you can has
I stumbled onto one when I was youtubing, scoffed at the idea of soapies in general and then WHAM I was sucked in. The last three weeks of my life have been a blur of night shifts, k dramas, Lee Min Ho and occasionally my Adonis.

Boys Over Flowers
This sucked me into the whole madness. Now this is a high school drama, and it is cliche ridden goodness. These guys have basically thought of every (less risque) fandom cliche and then contrived ways for the leads to end up in them. SO GOOD. It helps when the flower boys are either presidents sons or super talented and rich - cue scene changes to New Caldedonia and Macau! hehe. Jandi started out as a kick arse character, but then became gradually more mopey, miserably and stoic as the script writers heaped more and more public torment/humiliation and back stabbing future mother in laws on her. But never fear! Lee min ho in all his permed glory is there to save the day complete with delicious adams apple. (so began my lmh binge). If you go into shows wanting substance you will be sorely disappointed!! Love love Jan di's family - especially the scene where Jin Pyo makes kimchi with them - hilarious!

Personal Preference
MOAR FLUFF> LMH is an architect in a small firm putting forward a bid for a giant museum - the catch? the director wants it done in the style of a mysterious and famous architect's house - which has been closed to the public and is inhabited by his frazzled daughter >.< Throw in generous amounts of misunderstandings and wham, suddenly she thinks he's gay and so its ok to be roomies. hurrrrrrr 

Coffee Prince
Cue the loveable tomboyish character that too easily gets mistaken for a guy. Through a bizarre series of events and a strong infusion of kdrama-coincidence she ends up being the anti-beard for a rich guy trying to fend of arranged marriages by telling everyone he's gay. bwaha. Turns out the same guy's grandmother is trying to teach him some sense and so puts him in charge of a rundown coffee shop - Coffee Prince, that only ends up hiring guys. >heh<. so awesomely predictable in terms of the leads, with Choi Han Seong and  Han Yoo Joo line being a little bittersweet and adon and I spent a good portion of their screen time facepalming or yelling advice at the screen :P

City Hunter
Ok this? this blows all of the others out of the water. Its crazy, actionfilled - no damn overly dramatic cliffhangers a la western shows, no, there are pretty damn EPIC cliffhangers - Im pretty sure I scared adon once by yelling out 'NO WAY' repeatedly and dramatically (had been watching it with headphones on) on more than one occasion. Both leads are droolworthy, the acting is GREAT and the story? man the story is intense. The villains are actually calculating, scheming and nefariously efficient. The first episode alone leaves you with 3 completely different storylines each full of action. Be warned, once you start watching this, theres no way in hell you'll stop. Watch in HD - its well worth the dl quota. 20 special service volunteers are ordered to go to North Korea by their leaders and assassinate several leaders, only to get abandoned and killed for their efforts. One gets away, stealing away a child he brings up with only revenge in mind. Man. So good.

This is a little painful to watch, I think mainly because I've seen the ones above, and from what I can understand, this one was made far before the others - so not quite up to scratch in terms of awesome plotlines. The crown prince is a bit of a sullen douchebag with one facial expression and enough arrogance to drown an elephant. Still on ep 8 so maybe it'll get better, but right now I think i need a bit of a break from the excessive fluffiness of it all. Girl is the main from Coffee House. <addit> so it didn't really get any better. Guy still a sexist douchebag at the end. I'd really give this one a miss if you've got an option. 

Secret Garden
This started out so well!! and then ended... less well. Arrogant, rich heir.. check! fiesty stunt woman... check! body switching storyline... check? I must admit it had its moments of comedy gold when they first switch bodies... And it had some really touching scenes - like when her dad saves him in the elevator. But its never consistently awesome. Oska is definitely a redeeming feature and the most lovable character, but his weird love interest is so stupidly sabotaging that you just want to chuck things at the screen. 

My Lovely Sam Soon

Jan 04 12(no subject)
of the dumb
back home this morning, in for teaching at 9.30, back in for shift at 3.30... the only thing keeping me upright is caffeine and the thought of solid sleep from midnight

My mind is like a SIEVE. It is very inconvenient. Especially when I'm trying to write up things a day in the past and there are gaping holes in everything *sigh*. Worse still when it's 3 months down the track. But hopefully my brain will only seive out the mundane bits and leave you with the good stuff... This holiday was exactly exactly what I needed - ED isn't hard work by any stretch, pretty much routine but man do the personalities in it make it a shit place to work. This one week was a godsend - except for that horrible sinking feeling I got 3 days before I left, when I realised I'd read my calender wrong and booked a flight when I had a shift that evening. Got thoroughly screwed over in a swap, but at that point I'd have sold my soul - so the prospect of 14days straight on return didn't phase me :).

New Years Eve in Vietnam was... *flailyhands*. Imagine christmas lights EVERYWHERE. Vietnam definitely can haz moar neon lights. It is sparkly, incandescent, iridescent craziness at its best. Now throw in at LEAST 5 million people, now imagine 9/10 of those >5million people dancing like mad to a loud loud bass beat. It was SO AWESOME. People would randomly assemble into circles as someone would start breakdancing or just going all out (or if some drunken westerner was doing something stupid) and then everyone would cheer and join in. So good. Some italian person came onto the stage proclaiming her love for everyone and then this awesome guitarist joined the DJ . Man, its just so infectious and the music so good. Almost passed out as well -oops- Perth is making me forget my humid roots. Not sure what that means for the new year, but I'm taking it as a sign that I just need to drink more water. Definitely wished some of you guys had been there as its hard to rock out when your parents are standing there awkwardly wondering what all the noise is about. Maybe this is something to try and organise in the future :P 

Stayed in a really awesome place in the middle of the city, which meant you could walk anywhere/everywhere and get as wonderfully lost as you wanted, only to realise it was a short trip back. Bought so much stuff in the markets that I really didn't need to, bought a couple of tailor made powersuits which later came in handy for surg. Went on random boats, to a floating village that reminded me of Miri all over again;, saw the chu chi tunnels which gave me the opportunity to see my parents scrabbling around in tiny tunnels, and also to see my dad shoot an ak47 looking like an excited schoolboy. :) It seemed like a toy to be honest. There was a bit of a kerfuffle when - in the middle of the jungle, a very german voice called out ' "Is anyone a doktor?! We are needing a doktor!" and you get that feeling of mild resignation as you hang out for 5 seconds hoping some older man/lady will rush forward going 'why yes! I'm an emergency physician here to save the day, everyone else move along," but no, there is silence and everyone staring about and your mother and father raising their eyebrows wildly at you. Hmph. To be honest, theres really no difference between a doctor and anyone else when you're in the middle of woopwoop, someones recovering post collapse with incontinence - I mean, I guess we're a little more up to speed with first aid stuff, but thats about it really. It's more of a get-on-the-floor,legs-up,no-chest-pain?-no-seizure?-good,-have-a-lolly,-fluids++-and-lets-wait-for-someone-who-can-actually-do-a-blood-test-or-something. 
Fortunately that was the only thing that seemed like work on

this trip. We checked out the delta, stopped at random villages, held bees/snakes/other things I didn't particularly want to. My favourite bit was randomly stealing a bike for and hour, nipping out behind the restaurant and then pedalling away down this dirt path with tiny kids rushing up whenever you went by, wanting high fives. On the way back I couldn't remember which turnoff I'd taken which led to a hilarious 15mins where I randomly go down one and end up in the middle of some surprised family having dinner. I think my parents went a bit nuts over the coconut drinks that were everywhere - and the fruit. Got to say, the War museum was the biggest shock I'd had in a while - never expected anything so graphic and horrifying :(.  *sigh*
anyway, loved South vietnam, going to save North vietnam for adonis and my scooter trip (also for when its warmer). 
Jan 02 12(no subject)
Times you wish you hadn't heard someone yell 'is anyone a doctor!!': IN THE MIDDLE OF SOME RANDOM JUNGLE IN VIETNAM
Dec 29 11(no subject)
dr horrible
about to board flight that will about to board flight that will end up in Vietnam so disoriented right now.
Dec 28 11 - Panda eyes
staple gunnnn
OH MY GOODNESS. Last two nights where SHIT AS because 1 it is night shift, 2 the first day i got ~1/2hr of sleep beforehand, and yesterday I only got 4 hours. But the worst thing, that damn number 3, was that when I went on Monday night  I was just looking over the roster and realised I had to work thursday NIGHT when I had in fact booked plane tickets to Saigon thursday morning.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. You know that horribly sinky feeling you get where your heart/stomach flops around pitifully like a fish on land? yeah, I had that. Basically send pleading emails to a few people with the last resort plan being to call in sick - but seriously how shit is that for the poor person who gets called in just cos I read my timetable wrong arrrgggghhhh. Anyway, managed to sell my soul into a swap by agreeing to do 2 shifts for one when I get back - although I had been a heartbeat away from throwing cash into the mix. Anway, a 3 way swap later, IM SAVED HUZZARRRRR. Now I have to pack all my stuff into my car and stumble my way home tomorrow morning post night shift and just pass out then. Aiiiie. Have comepletely lost track of time at the moment, I've barely registered that I'm going on holiday tomorrow!
Dec 17 11(no subject)
dr horrible
Ohhhh man. I stupidly agreed to take on an extra two hours for someone last night. I was basically one of the walking dead towards the end. :S My current release is k-dramas. Such cliched goodness!!! Found the guy I'll be replacing next term and he said it was a relatively cushy job which I find hard to believe... I mean.,  Gen SURG?  ah i dont know. At any rate, it is now time to study frantically. (and also get horribly distracted by ridiculous plot lines. Heading to either penang or ho chi minh this new years, no idea which, as parents called me up at 0600 when i was recovering, said something and I just said yes, oops. 
Dec 15 11 - well now
Dec 13 11 - Best

Gotye was friggin amazing. How is he so talented? and so nice? and the songs just ALL so awesome!!! SO MUCH SQUEE. *gets goosebumps thinking about it* There was a storm abrewin' so adonis and I coated up and headed out to the amphitheatre. Sat down on the front lawn to get away from the ganja enthusiasts and spent all of Big Scary and Husky staring at the stars/sky. And then the dudes & Gotye came on and everyone went nuts.

eyes wide open
i feel better
easy way out
dont worry we'll be watching you
in your light
hearts a mess
smoke and mirrors
state of the art
save me
somebody that i used to know + preceding awesome instrumental
Thank you for your time
The rain came down for bronte and everyone did a raindance with a lightning backdrop - so awesome :D
Dec 09 11 - GUITAR WOLF
Are freakin' hilarious. 

Well and truly living the rock 'n roll dream. Not seen so many dreadlocks, crazed and violent dancing or  fanatical screaming for a while! hehe stayed back from moshpit to avoid the crowd surfers and getting bruised and it was great fun to dance around a bit :D 
Dec 08 11 - Boys Over FLoweres
staple gunnnn
THANK YOU YOUTUBE. I am now thoroughly addicted to this wonderful wonderful cliched-ridden k-drama that caters to all my secret/favourite plotline needs. \o/ hazarrrrr Also korean dudes have amazing cheekbones. Luckily adonis is also hooked and we decided we had a crush on the same dude. I am going to give him crazy japanese hair when it grows out MOAR YAY. on the last day of a 3 day break, I've definitely recovered from that awful way I was feeling at the end of a run.
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